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The self-service ad analytics platform that lets brands track effectiveness via traffic data, Telecom data, direct response codes,geo fencing and accurately calculate metrics like daily impressions, daily views, visibility index, CPM and lot more...



We help you to know the number of people who gazed up at your epic billboard or took note of the advertising wrapped around them at a bus bench. Calculated the impact of a wild posting initiative and target your outdoor marketing campaigns effectively. With 32+ Analytics parameters and algorithms, We help you extract the last drop of Analytics of your campaigns with our powerfull AI based algorithms and data analysis engines.

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Whenever a media is listed on our platform, we capture traffic data in vicinity of media and across the roads and regularly with of help of our operations team. The recorded traffic along with date and time of captue, is analyzed with image processing and computer vision algorithms. Aditionally traffic data is also taken from open source traffic models and as well as from available traffic videos from sources like CCTV cameras in ATMs. The data is mapped for final regression with google traffic and other open sourceand custom traffic maps to come up traffic patterns across date and time slots and predict no of views, impressions and do a lot more with our valuable impressions data when clubbed with visibility index metrics for each outdoor in Ad media.

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